Virna’s attempted rape – a reading

I’ve tried something new – a reading from my WIP, in which the runaway slave girl Virna tells Silvanus how she came by those ominous lashes. If you watch to the end, you’ll even see what she looks like…

Here’s the video.

I’ve done this in aid of a Philippine project to make books available to the general public by opening libraries in public schools around the country.

#ReadOutLoudChallenge @nbsalert @georgia.cua @clare.weiner @sabrina.haslimeier.3

One thought on “Virna’s attempted rape – a reading”

  1. Nice reading, Vince! I love how you injected emotion into the reading. Hearing it audibly gives it another dimension. I liked having the visual of Virna at the end, too. Well done!

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