About the author

Born on the tiny  Island of Jersey, Vince Rockston studied physics at Imperial College London, then moved to Geneva as a Research Associate at CERN. After starting a family, he worked in IT and later as a technical writer.

During a hiking holiday on Elba, Vince searched in vain for a historical novel by a local author. When he discovered the cave where the mysterious San Cerbone had lived as a hermit, he was inspired to write a tale of his own. On-site research, advice from local experts, creative writing workshops and feedback from experienced authors in the Otherworlds critique group in Zürich culminated in his first published book: Aquila – Can Silvanus Escape That God? Vince is now writing his next work of literary fiction, again with a spiritual stance and a historical setting: Gédéon – A Huguenot tale.

In his retirement, Vince keeps himself busy entertaining his two grandchildren, caring for refugees, maintaining several websites and as a classroom assistant. He also enjoys roaming the beautiful countryside around the little Swiss village where he lives with his Finnish wife. When he has a chance, he loves to hike in the mountains or swim in the ocean.

You can contact Vince at vince.rockston@gmail.com.

Vince’s publisher is Grey Owl Books.