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The ominous high crag known as l’Aquila

An ominous high crag on the Isle of Elba is known as l’Aquila, because it is reminiscent of an ever watchful eagle.

This novel follows the adventures of Silvanus, a teenage lad growing up under the sharp eye of Aquila the Avenger, an embodiment of the supreme god Jupiter.

Life changes for him when he is joined by a runaway slave and they happen to meet the wise old hermit Cerbonius, an exile from the invading Goths, who lives in a cave. Read the Teaser.

The idea for this book arose after an amazing hiking holiday on Elba in May 2012, together with my wife. When I couldn’t find a historical novel about the island (except relating to Napoleon’s brief visit), I decided I’d better write one myself.

Aquila – Can Silvanus escape that god? is available as an ebookpaperback or audio book.

You can contact Vince by email at vince.rockston@gmail.com.

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