Published – on Valentine’s Day!

Silvanus is a young lad intent on becoming a man. When his God Aquila smiles on him, Silvanus finds a cave of precious gems. His dreams of buying a boat and fleeing his island home are that much closer! Instead, a series of events lead Silvanus to the bizarre old hermit, Cerbonius. His uncanny wisdom causes Silvanus to question everything he knows about the world, and he discovers his ambitions are far too small.

Plunge into an unfamiliar era of fearful stone gods served by lewd priestesses, an era of piracy, treachery and love, of wars and rumours of wars, and of the constant struggle to survive.

Aquila will be available as an ebook on 14th February 2018. Just click here to pre-order or buy your copy from your favourite supplier.

4 thoughts on “Published – on Valentine’s Day!”

  1. Just ordered it from KOBO, Vince! Thanks for the introductory price. Aren’t you doing a print version? I’m a wiz with word processing, and am offering my assistance to format it for paperback/hardback. You’ll need to get your graphics guy to do the cover once we determine the exact page count. Submission to CreateSpace is free, and for Ingram’s (the US largest distributor/On-Demand printer) it is $49. I suggest you supply your own ISBN.

    Congratulations, Vince. I look forward to reviewing it.


    1. Wow! You’re the first, Vann! I do intend to bring it out in paperback shortly. Thanks for the offer, but I think I can get the formatting done with Scrivener. My cover designer has prepared a pb cover, but still needs the page count, ISBN, etc.

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