Going Indie!

Well, I think I’m going to take the plunge and self-publish Aquila  – Can Silvanus escape that god? Keep a lookout for it in the next month or two!

The amount of advice different people and organisations give is somewhat overwhelming. And often aimed at relieving me of some of my precious solidi. Along the way, I’ve bought some tools, paid for some reviewers, had maps drawn, hired a cover designer and used UpWork to find a proofreader, joined several writers’ organisations, including Alli , which has proved to have excellent, unbiased information.

As regards publishing, the big names are KDP, CreateSpace and IngramSpark. Which one? Or all three? But before I get that far I need to make sure I know how to format my book correctly with Scrivener for both ebook and paperback.

It’s all quite a challenge.

2 thoughts on “Going Indie!”

  1. Hi Vince,

    You ask “Or all three?” referring to KDP, CreateSpace and IngramSpark. You need to add a fourth–below. I made the mistake of going only with Amazon. Sure, Amazon may make 85% of book sales in the US, so seeing you’ve added Ingram’s is good. (Most book stores won’t order printed books from Amazon because they won’t offer to take unsold books back and because of the damage Amazon has done to their business.)

    KDP is good. They will treat you lovingly, but don’t opt for their Select program. Instead also publish on Smashwords. That will get your ebook into Barnes and Noble, Apple’s iBooks, into India and everywhere else. I believe they are the world’s largest distributor of ebooks.

    I’m waiting for my KDP Select to expire (February) and I’ll be on Smashwords and may also also go with IngramSparks as well. Libraries generally order from Ingram’s and, again, don’t do Amazon.

    I wish you all the best. I’ll certainly review it for you. Good luck!

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