Inspiring Mediaeval Market

Writing a historical novel means doing a great deal of background research. Discovering the Mediaeval Market in Bremgarten, Aargau, where innumerable stands display a wide variety of crafts as practised in the Middle Ages, was a delight. You can see some of them in my gallery: wheelwright, armourer, smith, cutler, apothecary, baker,…

Unfortunately, it was a cold, snowy weekend and my smartphone gave up the ghost half way through. So I have no photographic record of the battering ram, fire-lighting with a flint or a fire piston, cider-pressing, rope-making, fabricating tortoise-shell combs, taxidermy, minting, chandlery, milling, dyeing, basketmaking, glass blowing, or the work of goldsmiths, jewelers, herbalists, leatherworkers, haberdashery, weaving, web-making, embroidery, braiding, etc. But they were all there! Come back next October for a look; it’s worth it!

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