Umberto Eco mixed with Enid Blyton!

Friendly corrections
Friendly corrections

On reading through a first draft of chapter 3 of Aquila, a friend commented: “Style seems to be a mixture of the detail of Umberto Eco and the harmless teenage adventures of Enid Blyton…” Is that a compliment?

I find it very helpful to receive thoughtful criticism of my writing, especially as I’m such a greenhorn. I need to find my voice – or, rather, Silvanus’, since he does most of the talking. I need to learn what the experts mean when they say, “Show, don’t tell!” I need to find a way of translating sixth century vulgar Latin into contemporary English, while keeping the concepts and vocabulary within the scope of a poorly educated – but contemplative – teenager…

I’m learning from the feedback I receive. But revision – or rewriting – is hard work!

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