I asked a Hippie for an Eagle

Kili and Kwee were real eagles. Nothing to be afraid of. Not like the fearsome AquilaAquila, who never took his eyes off you, always looking for a chance to punish you for things you hadn’t actually done.

Silvanus had spent many an hour watching them – masters of soaring – as they hunted for dormice or frogs, or repaired one of last year’s nests in preparation for a new family.

Sometimes, however, they reminded him of Aquila the Avenger, the eagle-shaped manifestation of the god Jupiter, who took pleasure in tormenting his devotees without cause. Silvanus’s family attempted to placate him with regular offerings of grain, pigeons or silver coins. But they never ceased to fear him, especially when he cast his bolts of lightning on their village and his rumbling threats echoed round the cliffs. The carved eagle pendant Silvanus was obliged to wear until he came of age would protect him from the wrath of that vengeful god, said his aunt Ceres, the priestess.

The eagle talisman plays an important role in Silvanus’s life, and I’ve been trying to find one like his for some time. Till now, I only had a photo.

I discussed my wishes with some hippies who sold handmade necklaces and bracelets. And one street artist offered to carve two eagles – based on my sketch – by the following day!


Which do you like better?

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