Writers’ Workshop Zürich

On 29 October 2012 I attended the Boot Camp of the Writers’ Workshop469665_482906005102546_894787635_o in the Volkshaus Zürich – a full day’s dose of useful tips for would-be authors. I’m not normally very good at paying attention in long meetings, but there I was captivated and I took copious notes. Continue reading “Writers’ Workshop Zürich”

Little Eli

I love it when Silé calls me ‘Little Eli’ – although I’m only two years younger than he. Whenever we can, Lucilla and I like to skip, make necklaces and bracelets with beads, or play this bear game. Otherwise we’re often romping with the boys, Lucy’s brother Pontus, Ruddy Rufus – don’t tell him we call him that! – and Silé.

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