Org Chart

[org_chart width=’400′ height=’300′ collapsible]
[org_chart_item title=’CEO’ hover=’Clemens Kammer (GL); Delegate of the Board’]
[org_chart_item title=’TQM’ content=’Total Quality Management’ parent=’CEO’ hover=’Andreas von Arx i.P.’]
[org_chart_item title=’CSA’ content=’Chief Security Architect’ parent=’CEO’ hover=’Dr. Richard De Moliner i.P.’]
[org_chart_item title=’GSO’ content=’Global Sales Operations’ parent=’CEO’ hover=’Clemens Kammer i.P.’]
[org_chart_item title=’R&D’ content=’Research & Development’ parent=’CEO’ hover=’Dr. Andres Curiger (GL)’]
[org_chart_item title=’CO’ content=’Customer Operations’ parent=’CEO’ hover=’Reto Stäuble (GL)’]
[org_chart_item title=’PM’ content=’Portfolio Marketing’ parent=’CEO’ hover=’Clemens Kammer i.P.’]
[org_chart_item title=’AST’ content=’Administrative Support Team’ parent=’CEO’ hover=’Gabriella Kühnlein’]
[org_chart_item title=’F&C’ content=’Finance & Controlling’ parent=’CEO’ hover=’Andreas von Arx’]
[org_chart_item title=’PPM’ content=’Project Portfolio Management’ parent=’CEO’ hover=’Roman Schneuwly i.P.’]
[org_chart_item title=’Erika Keller’ parent=’AST’]
[org_chart_item title=’Andrea Marti’ parent=’F&C’]
[org_chart_item title=’HR’ content=’HR’ parent=’AST’ hover=’Gabriella Kühnlein’]


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