Aquila Timeline

Significant Events With Reference to Silvanus’ Age

ADAgeStory EventsHistoric Events
535Gothic War phase 1; Belisarius repels Goths from Sicily
536Sun dark for nearly a year; Pope Vigilius appointed
540Ravenna reconquered by the Byzantines
Ostrogothic King Totila wages Gothic War phase 2
541Plague of Justinian afflicts much of Roman Empire
542Cerbonius visits Benedict of NursiaPelagius (later Pope) aids famine-stricken people of Rome with own fortune; Totila visits Benedict of Nursia
543Fighting on land and sea, Totila reconquers lost territory
544Cerbonius made Bishop of PopuloniaJustinian sends Belisarius to free Italy
546Pope Vigilius summons CerboniusTotila captures Rome from Belisarius
Pelagius induces Totila to spare the people
547Cerbonius released by Totila after the bear licks his feet, flees to Elba [or 573]Benedict of Nursia dies [or 543]
549Totila invites survivors to return toruined Rome
551Battle of Sena Gallica; General Narses defeats Goths
552Franks and Alemanni invade Italy; Totila dies
553Narses defeats Ostrogoths; Gothic War ends
554Narses frees Italy from Franks, Alemanni
5613Byzantines control all of war-ravaged Italy
5657Belisarius dies; Justinian dies; Justin II Emperor
5679Lombards invade Italy, absorbing remaining Ostrogoths
56810Silvanus‘ first trade trip with father
56911Lombards conquer Milan
57012Cerbonius flees to Elba from Lombards [Legend says 547 or 573]Exarch Longinus can defend only coastal cities, supplied by the Byzantine fleet
57113570-572: three year siege of Pavia
57214Silvanus alone in Fabricia; meets V. and Cerbonius; family conflictsPavia falls, made capital of the Lombard kingdom of Italy
Lombard King Alboin murdered
57315Cerbonius mediates civil disputeLombards conquer Tuscany and establish duchies of Spoleto and Benevento under Zotto
57416Silvanus’s apprenticeshipJustin II sends Baduarius to Italy to fight the Lombards
57517V. kidnapped and freed
57618Death of Cerbonius
Miraculous journey to Populonium
Baduarius killed in battle
57719Trip to Capraia
578Justin II dies

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